P2626C Fits Grand Cafe GC3501

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BBQ Igniters

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Part Description

Ignition wire set gc3000/y2k 690340

Additional Information

Ignition wire set. we cannot get sub to individual wires (must id which ones you need) mcm03400, mcm03500, mcm03610, or mcm3620.

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Burners and Venturi

MCM202250112 - Burner, ring, ci, 5.75 x 7.5; prochef. More info $39.38 Add to cart


MCM040234222 - Control knob; universal. More info $12.70 Add to cart

Grates, Heat Plates, and Angles

P1705F - Flame tamer each. More info $0.00 Not available


P2626A - Igniter, nla see additional info. More info $0.00 Not available
P2626C - Ignition wire set gc3000/y2k 690340. More info $13.44 Add to cart

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