Weber 2290

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Rotisserie for 22.5" Charcoal Kettle Heavy-duty motor


WEB86193 - Handle (wood) for rotisserie manufacture. More info $0.00 Not available


WEB87401 - Screw 1/4-20 x 5/8 inch slotted truss he. More info $7.49 Add to cart
WEB87605 - Flat washer 1/4 inch. More info $7.49 Add to cart
WEB87601 - Thumb screw 1/4-20 inch for one-touch ke. More info $7.49 Add to cart
WEB1309 - Hex nut 1/4 x 20 inch keps nut. More info $7.49 Add to cart
WEB4086922 - Keyhole washer rotisserie pltd assmbly.. More info $0.00 Not available
WEB63450 - Charcoal rotisserie bracket. More info $14.99 Add to cart

Motors and Blades

WEB65579 - Rotisserie motor, type b, 2015. More info $45.27 Add to cart

Other Parts

WEB2334 - Hanging loop, painted.. More info $0.00 Not available
WEB67090 - Rotiss ring 22 inch char 2018. More info $0.00 Not available


WEB96811 - Instruction sheet for #2290 charcoal rot. More info $7.49 Add to cart
WEB1097 - Hardware for rotisserie, 2010. More info $14.99 Add to cart
WEB80621 - Rotisserie shaft, charcoal. More info $0.00 Not available

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