Fiesta EZD45055

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Cooking Area: 400 sq. in. Ignition Type: Push-button igniter BTU'S per hour: 40,000 BTU Wheeled With Temperature Gauge The grill features Optima Cooking system, 45,000 BTU main burner and 10,000 BTU side burner for fast cooking. Also included is an extra large spacious platinum side shelves with granite metal inserts, Stor-it-all deluxe granite molded front panel with integrated condiment holder and 8

Burners and Venturi

SM5026-12 - H burner w/venturi +. More info $52.25 Add to cart


GG47-5 - Cover for fiesta grill (navy (color)). More info $0.00 Not available

Grates, Heat Plates, and Angles

SM68-6 - Smart rod 345/400/450. More info $1.95 Add to cart
SP56-9 - Smart bar , 20" to 24" long. More info $32.50 Add to cart


SP5024-24 - Handle end caps 450 d w/screws. More info $24.99 Not available
SP144A-24 - Harware bag 450 d lid handle. More info $5.03 Add to cart

Hoses, Valves, and Regulators

SP5002A-4 - Valve hose & reg asm 45btu w/sb ez light. More info $60.61 Add to cart
NOCONVERSIONKIT - There is no conversion kit from lp to na. More info $0.00 Not available


MJH50000816 - Ignitor kit h4 for 2007 and prior models. More info $36.00 Add to cart
SP5030-20 - Bezel button ignitor. More info $1.80 Add to cart
SP5006-20 - Ground wire 25 inch green. More info $0.74 Add to cart

Warming Racks

SP5014A-3 - Warming rack 450. More info $17.40 Add to cart

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