WEB20170015 Fits Ducane 545 INCH 3 BURNER NG

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We're sorry, we've done all we can to source this item, but we can no longer supply this item.

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Part Description

Burner box, lower casting

Quantity In Pack: 1

Additional Information

Sorry this part is no longer available, with no sub and we have none in stock.

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Burners and Venturi

20170260 - Burner, rotis-a-grate.. More info $0.00 Not available
WEB20335814 - Optional side burner kit (includes neces. More info $120.99 Add to cart
20170070 - Burner set lh & rh s style w/electrode c. More info $0.00 Not available

Grates, Heat Plates, and Angles

20119510 - Replacement grilling grates (set of 2).. More info $0.00 Not available
20170210 - Rotis-a-grate w/ smoke-it tray. please e. More info $0.00 Not available


MCM252595005 - Lid handle (each). More info $12.38 Add to cart


WEB20210332 - Hardware kit for entire grill. More info $0.00 Not available

Hoses, Valves, and Regulators

20170025 - Ng regulator, hose w/ quick disconnect a. More info $0.00 Not available
WEB20525615 - Ng hose w/ quick disconnect. More info $57.49 Add to cart


119-5000-0 - Ggk ignitor. More info $9.55 Add to cart


MCM000320333 - Control knob; ducane. More info $10.35 Add to cart

Other Parts

WEB20174204 - Hood w/nameplate 5004/5. More info $334.00 Add to cart
WEB20170015 - Burner box, lower casting. More info $0.00 Not available
20170044 - Control box assembly.. More info $59.99 Add to cart

Rocks and Briquettes

20172208 - Briquette replacement box.. More info $0.00 Not available


WEB20171901 - ********see ext desc********. More info $0.00 Not available

Shelves (Side)

WEB20171601 - B91 s shelf only. More info $0.00 Not available

Warming Racks

MCM121462554 - Warming rack universal, 19 x 6.5. More info $28.38 Add to cart

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